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I have searched and come up with multiple "pseudo solutions" for what I am looking for either by trying to modify jquery bar graphs or mansonary or svg etc, but I thought I would just ask if someone had better solutions for me. PLEASE.

I need to create a stacking plan that shows tenants in a building by how much space they use per floor can be by size or percentage. I included a link below of a simple example via jpg. I need to color coat it by lease expiration and make it dynamic - click on the block and pass id variable. I just don't think css block float is the easiest to apply but I could be wrong.

Block image

The example is the best explanation. I think the lego block question was close.

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I took a rough stab it using JQ Highcharts. for an example. I would love some recommendations on how to adjust the data series. I would like to order by suite numbers per floor. – Brewy Dec 1 '12 at 21:59

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Isn't this much simpler with plain HTML? Along the lines of this:

    <style type="text/css">
      .floorName, .suites, .suite {display:inline-block}
      .floorName  {width:100px}
      .suites     {
      .suite      {
      /* This draws the border around the suites */
      .suite:before {
        border:1px solid black;
      .expire2012 {background-color:#3266CC}
      .expire2013 {background-color:#FE0000}
      .expire2014 {background-color:#99CC67}
      .expire2015 {background-color:#00FF01}
      .expire2016 {background-color:#993400}
    <div class="floor">
      <div class="floorName">Floor 12</div>
      <div class="suites">
        <div style="width:100%" class="suite expire2012">Suite 1200</div>
    <div class="floor">
      <div class="floorName">Floor 11</div>
      <div class="suites">
        <div style="width:40%" class="suite">Suite 1100</div
        ><div style="width:40%" class="suite">Suite 1110</div
        ><div style="width:20%" class="suite expire">Suite 1120</div>
    <div class="floor">
      <div class="floorName">Floor 10</div>
      <div class="suites">
        <div style="width:100%" class="suite expire2013">Suite 1000</div>
    <div class="floor">
      <div class="floorName">Floor 9</div>
      <div class="suites">
        <div style="width:40%" class="suite expire2016">Suite 900</div
       ><div style="width:60%" class="suite expire2014">Suite 910</div>
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Thanks for the reply. I was trying to avoid CSS floats and focus on jQuery. I think I have it figured out now. I am going to use a loop to generate the data series and use a horizontal bar chart. Because the info it dynamic and need to pass variables it will work better using jq chart. is the answer I was looking for. Thanks much for the help though! – Brewy Dec 1 '12 at 23:11

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