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I'm trying to write a blog post with a few image thumbnails. I'm using the code in the following way

...[markdown content before]...

[{% img left 'Power button of an electric kettle' %}](

[{% img left 'Power button of an external hard drive' %}](

[{% img left 'Power button of an IKEA bedside lamp' %}](

...[markdown content after]...

This works fine, but if I put some text under this, it starts on the right side of the last image instead of on a new line.

How can I have a grid of images and have the text continue after the grid? I'm using markdown to write the post.

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It may or may not be appropriate for you, but I wrote a Jekyll plugin for a similar use case -

That's geared towards having full size images where you want to generate a grid of thumbnails that allow the full size images to appear in a lightbox.

If that isn't your exact case, my suggestion would be to do this using CSS. The 'left' part of your syntax just denotes the CSS class to add. In this case, I guess Octopress's CSS ships with a rule to float this class left - this makes them appear alongside each other, but lets the text wrap around it. You could instead use something like 'grid' and then add a CSS rule to give images of that class an inline-block display attribute.

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Thank you, I feel silly, if I simply omit the css class from {% img ... %} section, the images appear inline, exactly how I wanted. I never thought to try it until I read your suggestion – Danish Dec 2 '12 at 4:37

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