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I'm having trouble coming up with the correct regex string to remove a sequence of multiple ? characters. I want to replace more than one sequential ? with a single ?, but which characters to escaping me.

Example input:

Is this thing on??? or what???

Desired output:

Is this thing on? or what?

I'm using preg_replace() in PHP.

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+1 for reducing the number of question marks blocks on earth. – Kobi Nov 11 '10 at 6:41
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preg_replace('{\?+}', '?', 'Is this thing on??? or what???');

That is, you only have to escape the question mark, the plus in "\?+" means that we're replacing every instance with one or more characters, though I suspect "\?{2,}" might be even better and more efficient (replacing every instance with two or more question mark characters.

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preg_replace( '{\\?+}', '?', $text );

should do it.

You need to escape the question mark itself with a backslash, and then escape the backslash itself with another backslash.

It's situations like this where C#'s verbatim strings are nice.

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You don't need to escape the backslash in a single quoted string. You can if you want, but you don't have to. – Jeremy Ruten Sep 25 '08 at 22:47

This should work (I have tested it):

preg_replace('/\?+/', '?', $subject);
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this should do it

preg_replace('/(\?+)/m', '?', 'what is going in here????');

the question mark needs to be escaped and the m is for multiline mode.

This was a good web site to try it out at

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str_replace('??', '?', 'Replace ??? in this text');
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The output of this will be "Replace ?? in this text", unless you put it in a while-loop, and if you do that it'll suddenly be a whole lot less efficient than preg_replace. On my test server, running this, in a loop, 1m times, took (roughly) 2.7 seconds (roughly), whereas the preg_replace only took 1.2 seconds. – grimman Nov 17 '09 at 12:22

Have you tried the pattern


with the replacement of ? ?

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? in a character class is considered as a literal question mark. – HamZa Mar 2 '14 at 13:00

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