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I have a dictionary I created from a csv file and would like to use this dict to update the values in a specific column of a different csv file called sheet2.csv.

Sheet2.csv has many columns with different headers and I need to only update the column PartNumber based on my key value pairs in my dict.

My question is how would I use the keys in dict to search through sheet2.csv and update/write to only the column PartNumber with the appropriate value?

I am new to python so I hope this is not too confusing and any help is appreciated!

This is the code I used to create the dict:

import csv 
a = open('sheet1.csv', 'rU')
csvReader = csv.DictReader(a)
dict = {}

for line in csvReader:
    dict[line["ReferenceID"]] = line["PartNumber"]

dict = {'R150': 'PN000123', 'R331': 'PN000873', 'C774': 'PN000064', 'L7896': 'PN000447', 'R0640': 'PN000878', 'R454': 'PN000333'}

To make things even more confusing, I also need to make sure that already existing rows in sheet2 remain unchanged. For example, if there is a row with ReferenceID as R1234 and PartNumber as PN000000, it should stay untouched. So I would need to skip rows which are not in my dict.

Link to sample CSVs:

EDIT: Let me rephrase my question and provide a better example csvfile.

Let's say I have a Dict = {'R150': 'PN000123', 'R331': 'PN000873', 'C774': 'PN000064', 'L7896': 'PN000447', 'R0640': 'PN000878', 'R454': 'PN000333'}.

I need to fill in this csv file:

Specifically, I need to fill in the PartNumber column using the keys of the dict I created. So I need to iterate through column ReferenceID and compare that value to my keys in dict. If there is a match I need to fill in the corresponding PartNumber cell with that value.... I'm sorry if this is all confusing!

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Can you provide a link to a sample sheet1.csv sheet2.csv – Marwan Alsabbagh Dec 2 '12 at 3:25
Great that helps. Using the data you have in dict can you tell me one example of a cell in sheet2.csv that should be updated to a specific value. The first ReferenceID value in sheet2.csv is C1619, which doesn't exist in sheet1.csv. – Marwan Alsabbagh Dec 4 '12 at 3:58
@MarwanAlsabbagh I edited my question for clarity..if possible. – scott0880 Dec 6 '12 at 23:06
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The code below should do the trick. It first builds a dictionary just like your code and then moves on to read Sheet2.csv row by row, possibly updating the part number. The output goes to temp.csv which you can compare with the inital Sheet2.csv. In case you want to overwrite Sheet2.csv with the contents of temp.csv, simply uncomment the line with shutil.move.

Note that the sample files you provided do not contain any updateable data, so Sheet2.csv and temp.csv will be identical. I tested this with a slightly modified Sheet1.csv where I made sure that it actually contains a reference ID used by Sheet2.csv.

import csv
import shutil

def createReferenceIdToPartNumberMap(csvToReadPath):
    result = {}
    print 'read part numbers to update from', csvToReadPath
    with open(csvToReadPath, 'rb') as csvInFile:
        csvReader = csv.DictReader(csvInFile)
        for row in csvReader:
            result[row['ReferenceID']] = row['PartNumber']
    return result

def updatePartNumbers(csvToUpdatePath, referenceIdToPartNumberMap):
    tempCsvPath = 'temp.csv'
    print 'update part numbers in', csvToUpdatePath
    with open(csvToUpdatePath, 'rb') as csvInFile:
        csvReader = csv.reader(csvInFile)

        # Figure out which columns contain the reference ID and part number.
        titleRow =
        referenceIdColumn = titleRow.index('ReferenceID')
        partNumberColumn = titleRow.index('PartNumber')

        # Write tempoary CSV file with updated part numbers.
        with open(tempCsvPath, 'wb') as tempCsvFile:
            csvWriter = csv.writer(tempCsvFile)
            for row in csvReader:
                # Check if there is an updated part number.
                referenceId = row[referenceIdColumn]
                newPartNumber = referenceIdToPartNumberMap.get(referenceId)
                # If so, update the row just read accordingly.
                if newPartNumber is not None:
                    row[partNumberColumn] = newPartNumber
                    print '  update part number for %s to %s' % (referenceId, newPartNumber)

        # TODO: Move the temporary CSV file over the initial CSV file.
        # shutil.move(tempCsvPath, csvToUpdatePath)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    referenceIdToPartNumberMap = createReferenceIdToPartNumberMap('Sheet1.csv')
    updatePartNumbers('Sheet2.csv', referenceIdToPartNumberMap)
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Thank you very much this is what I needed! – scott0880 Dec 8 '12 at 19:09

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