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I’m writing a longer table with knitr using xtable and the tabular.environment='longtable' in the longtable package when printing them in my .Rnw-file, problem is that I can’t control the longtable environment enough.

I have some text I would like to have left-justified and hyphenated in a certain way inside the table (i.e. I have some cells with quite a lot of text)

Any advice on how I could do this? What packages would you recommend? Anyone tried the tabu package?

What I am mainly looking for is a way to justify my text in a nice way inside my table. Something along the lines of this,

enter image description here

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That is basically a xtable question. Maybe there is an option in ?print.xtable but I have never tried an example like this, so I'm not sure. –  Yihui Dec 2 '12 at 4:17

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xtable has parameter align; for your example, try

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