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Can someone explain to me what sil exe ":sb " . current_buffer does in a vimscript. I'm trying to learn how to use it, but finding documentation on vimscript seems nearly impossible.

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Documentation is not hard to find, :h sil, :h exe, :h :sb all lead to the right places. –  glts Dec 2 '12 at 0:05

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That's a combination of several commands, and all of them are abbreviated.

The commands being used there are :silent, :execute, and :sbuffer. You can get information on those commands by using :help :silent from within vim, and the same for the other commands.

The . operator is also being used to do string concatenation.

First the . operator is used to concatenate :sb with the value of the current_buffer variable. The resulting string is evaluated as if you'd typed it by the :exe portion, which will supresss messages because it's part of the :sil command.

So, the effect is as if you'd typed :sb 4, from normal mode (using 4 there as the value of current_buffer). This would split the current window and use the new window to edit buffer number 4.

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