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It's possible to use code (and libraries) compiled with VisualC++ (so with .lib extension) in a project that will use GCC as compiler (and vice versa)? Or I have to rebuild them?
I'm trying to use SOCI 3.1 libraries that I have compiled with VisualC++ in a project that has GCC as compiler, but I'm getting some errors, and I don't know why..

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You have to produce binaries for GCC using MinGW tools: reimp and dlltool. Here is MinGW wiki with complete explanation of the procedures: MSVC and MinGW DLLs

Short example:

reimp -d libmysql.lib
dlltool -k --input-def libmysql.def --dllname libmysql.dll --output-lib libmysql.a
reimp libmysql.lib

By the way, here is related thread on SOCI users mailing list which: MySQL Build fails. Look for useful links given in the thread.

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