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I tried to use predicate to find in array into "title" property the subelement "$t".

filterPlaces = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithArray:youtubeChannelWS.youtubeArrayVideos];
predicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"title.$t contains[cd] %@", placeName];
[filterPlaces filterUsingPredicate:predicate];

But I received an error that it's not find the variable t.

Do you know how can I resolve this issue?

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What exactly is the scenario? Can you please explain with an example array and place name? and the expected output after predicate? – iDev Dec 1 '12 at 23:42
Could it be that you need to escape the $? "\$" – Victor Zamanian Dec 1 '12 at 23:42
Does your title object have a property called $t? – rdelmar Dec 1 '12 at 23:43
escape $ or the predicate parser thinks it is a predicate format variable. then look if there even is a property $t .. weird name – Daij-Djan Dec 1 '12 at 23:55
Just remove the $'s from you property names! – paulmelnikow Dec 4 '12 at 4:13

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