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I have the following string:

E E E 11 5 E 3 4

I need to be able to strip all "E" characters that go before the numbers. So that the output would be like this:

11 5 E 3 4

The number of first "E" can be different, so it can be either "E E" or "E E E E" etc. How can I do it with SED? If possible, with alternative shell utils.

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sed 's/^[E ]*\([0-9]\)/\1/'

This will replace all E's and spaces before the first digit on a line, and that first digit, with the first digit.

The caveat would be that this doesn't work on lines consisting only of E's and spaces; I assumed from the wording that the removal is to be done only if there are numbers on the line. To support the case with only E's simply use s/^[E ]*// for the program.

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thanks, looks good –  minerals Dec 2 '12 at 0:25

Found another variant:

sed 's/^[E ]\+//g'
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