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I Integrating MongoDB with Elastic Search

I have indexed the collection "person" in the database "testmongo" from the terminal with the following command:

curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/_river/mongodb/_meta' -d '{ 
    "type": "mongodb", 
    "mongodb": { 
        "db": "testmongo", 
        "collection": "person"
    "index": {
        "name": "mongoindex", 
        "type": "person" 

and add some data to the mongodb through mongo terminal:

use testmongo
var p = {firstName: "John", lastName: "Doe"}

Use this command to search the data:

curl -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/mongoindex/_search?q=firstName:John'

Until here everything works perfectly

My problem is this:

How to, I have to create the client node to query I have the following code does not work:

    package code
    package snippet

    import net.liftweb._
    import http._
    import common._
    import util.Helpers._
    import scala.xml._
    import org.elasticsearch.node.NodeBuilder._
    import org.elasticsearch.index.query.QueryBuilders._
    import collection.JavaConversions._

    class SearchTerms extends StatefulSnippet with Loggable{

      private var term = ""

      def dispatch = {
        case "render" => render _

      def render( xhtml: NodeSeq ): NodeSeq = {

        def doSearchTerm {

          val node = nodeBuilder().client(true).node()
          val client = node.client()

          val query = queryString( term )
          val response = client

          val hits = response.getHits

 "Found %d hits for query '%s'".format( hits.getTotalHits, term ) )

          hits.getHits.foreach(hit =>
  "* %s".format(hit.sourceAsMap()("text")))


What are the values ​​that I have to use in A and B to use the search function in scala lift

can someone please help me

thank you very much for your attention

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I suppose that it's:

  • mongoindex as index name
  • person as type name

So, something like:

      val response = client

Does it help?

BTW, term should contain something like "firstName:John"

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