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How can I test whether a file name has the correct naming convention in Python? Say I want file names to end with the string _v and then some number and then .txt. How would I do that? I have some example code which expresses my idea, but doesn't actually work:

fileName = 'name_v011.txt'
def naming_convention(fileName):
    if fileName.endswith(convention) == True:
        print "good"
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You could use a regular expression using Python's re module:

import re

if re.match(r'^.*_v\d+\.txt$', filename):
    pass  # valid
    pass  # invalid

Let's pick the regular expression apart:

  • ^ matches the start of the string
  • .* matches anything
  • _v matches _v literally
  • \d+ matches one or more digits
  • \.txt matches .txt literally
  • $ matches the end of the string
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