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Hi I am trying to create a new directory usingC#/asp.net webforms but I do not seem to have any luck.Here is my code:

    string path = "~/Images/avatar/" + User.Identity.Name + "/userAvatars/";
     private void createPath(string path)
           string activeDir = @"~/Images/avatar/userAvatars";
           if( !Directory.Exists(Server.MapPath(path)) )
               string newPath = Path.Combine(activeDir, User.Identity.Name);

Now this code does not throw any errors but it does not create the folder either unless I provide a physical directory starting from the letter of the drive.Example:

D:\Projects IDE\Visual Studio\MyWork\Websites\Forum

This won't work because at some point I will want to upload the application to the server.

So how can I set the filepath to get the root if the project and make this code work?

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Try this

string newPath = HostingEnvironment.MapPath(Path.Combine(activeDir, User.Identity.Name)

You are forgetting to map the newPath after you use Path.Combine.

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Thank you this worked –  Nistor Alexandru Dec 2 '12 at 1:25
You're welcome. Also just a note, Server.MapPath only works when HttpContext.Current is accessible where HostingEnvironment.MapPath will always work which is why the latter is preferred. In the future if you ever migrated to MVC or self-hosted without IIS then you would not have to make changes in that respect. –  Despertar Dec 2 '12 at 1:27
Ok thanks for the aditional info –  Nistor Alexandru Dec 2 '12 at 1:32

you should make

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