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I'm trying to call CLib API from Seed. In JS there is a setTimout API. But not in Seed.
So I use GLib to make a delay function:

delay = function(time, func) {
  return GLib.timeout_add(time, func);

It gives error:

(seed:26406): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_timeout_add_full: assertion `function != NULL' failed

** (seed:26406): CRITICAL **: Line 9 in w.js: ConversionError Can not convert Javascript value to boolean

What is the right way to write it?

Since I didn't found an detailed JS API for Seed. I tried to read the docs for C. And it looks awful..

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GLib.timeout_add corresponds to g_timeout_add_full. You're missing an argument (the priority)... the third argument should be the callback, but since you're not passing anything seed will try to use NULL.

There is an example of using a timeout in Seed in glib/timeout.js in the seed-examples repository.

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