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My interface and oriented in landscape mode. In my view, I have a form for recording with many UITextField.

The component UIScrollView comes moves only horizontally and not vertically. I would like the component UIScrollView only moves vertically to show all my UITextField, how can I do?

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Set the contentSize property of the UIScrollView.

If your UIScrollView is 480/568 pixels wider (the width of the screen in landscape mode), then you can do this:

// Get the content height of the form (scrollview)
int scrollableHeight=700; // You can give accurate value by calculating last textfields frame position in form
CGSize scrollableSize = CGSizeMake(480, scrollableHeight);
[scrollView setContentSize:scrollableSize];

Now UIScrollView will only scroll vertically, because it can already display everything horizontally in landscape orientation.

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thank you very much now it works :) – Diego Dec 2 '12 at 13:57

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