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I've been searching around for a while but I can't find a source to where I can make vim c++ autocomplete qt classes, functions, etc.

Clang complete works using SFML and the standard c++ libraries, I don't understand why it doesn't work with qt?


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You have to tell clang where to look for the Qt header files. This is done with the -I/path/to/headers flag. You can specific compiler flags for a specific project by adding them to a file named .clang_complete in your project's directory. Basically any compiler flags used to compile your code must be in your .clang_complete file. For example for Qt my .clang_complete file contains


clang_complete also includes a script to automatically generate .clang_complete files. clang_complete's help file describes how to use it. You can also type the command :help clang_complete in vim to access the help.

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This did not work for me. I have the header paths in that file, but it can't autocomplete Qt classes. Is it maybe because I am not using '.h' headers? e.g. #include <QWidgets> – manatttta May 28 at 8:28

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