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I have a JPanel set up, and I have JLabels acting as pseudo-buttons placed on top of the JPanel (with jPanel.add(jLabel)). I want to animate the JPanel without affecting the JLabels, but every time I repaint the JPanel, the labels disappear. (I believe they are being painted on).

I've also tried using a JLayeredPane and separating the JLabels and JPanel, but that doesn't do the trick either.

Is there a way I can achieve what I want?

My Code

This sets it up the JLabel and jPanel.

mainPanel = new JPanel();
JLayeredPane c = new JLayeredPane();

c.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(WIDTH, HEIGHT));
c.add(mainPanel,new Integer(0));
c.add(test, new Integer(2));
mainPanel.setBounds(0, 0, WIDTH, HEIGHT);

This shows my paintComponent method inside the JPanel (its a custom class that extends JPanel)

public void paintComponent(Graphics g){
    scene = new BufferedImage(w, h, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);
    g2d = scene.createGraphics();
    Rectangle2D.Double rec = new Rectangle2D.Double(questionBox.getXFloat(), questionBox.getYFloat(), questionBox.getWidthFloat(), questionBox.getHeightFloat());
    g.drawImage(scene, 0, 0, this);

For clarification, the questionBox methods just get the updated values for the rectangle. w and h stand for width and height.

This is in the constructer for my JLabel class

scene = new BufferedImage(w, h, BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB);
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It is very hard to guess what you may be doing wrong since you haven't posted any code. Consider giving us more information and pertinent code. Are you using a Swing Timer for the animation? Are you drawing in the JPanel's paintComponent(...) method? Do you call the super.paintComponent(...) method first? Please give us more to allow us to understand what's going on and be able to help you. – Hovercraft Full Of Eels Dec 2 '12 at 3:24
For better help sooner, post an SSCCE. – Andrew Thompson Dec 2 '12 at 3:26
Ive updated with my code – Shahmeer Navid Dec 2 '12 at 3:31
I'm not seeing what's wrong in the code based on what you've posted other than its unusual tack of having a BufferedImage held by a JLabel object being drawn in a JPanel's paintComponent method (??). I second the recommendation that you create and post an sscce – Hovercraft Full Of Eels Dec 2 '12 at 3:37
Sorry I mistyped, the scene variable is in the JPanel class. Also, the reason I am using a buffered image is because I am using the java Universal Tween Engine, which requires floats to be used (just using g.fillRect() only integers). I will post a sscce soon. – Shahmeer Navid Dec 2 '12 at 3:46

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