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I have 2 objects: user and car.

I am trying to insert a car object with hibernate which has foreign key dependency of a user id. A car has a single user and so I assigned a one to one relationship.

My car mapping looks like so (i removed the < because the xml wasn't showing up):

id name="id" type="int">
    <column name="carId" />
    <generator class="assigned" />
<property name="carName" type="string"></property>
<one-to-one name="user" class="User"></one-to-one>

My user mapping just has an id plus fields first name, etc.

My car object looks like so:

 private int id;
 private String carName;
 private User user;

My car table has a foreign key that is a userId.

When I attempt to insert I get a sql error: Field 'userId' doesn't have a default value

The sql that hibernate is doing is: Hibernate: insert into car (carId, carName) values (?, ?)

As you can see the userId is missing and is a required field.

I need to insert a car object based on a userId to tie it to a user. How can I accomplish this since the mapping I have is not accomplishing this.


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First of all, the fact that a car is associated to one user doesn't necessarily make it a one-to-one. That would be true if a person can have only one car. It a person can have several cars, the association is a many-to-one.

Second, assuming thet the association is indeed a one-to-one, here's how the documentation maps such an association:

A unidirectional one-to-one association on a foreign key is almost identical. The only difference is the column unique constraint.

<class name="Person">
    <id name="id" column="personId">
        <generator class="native"/>
    <many-to-one name="address" 
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