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Sorry But I am very new to coding in Unity. I have an nx2 array as shown:

var questans = new String[10, 10];
questans[0,0]="Hey How's it going?";
questans[0,1]="You know me Just chillin'";
questans[1,0]="Hello there friend";
questans[1,1]="Well met to you too!";
questans[2,0]="I like chocolate pudding";
questans[2,1]="Good for you";

I need to basically write a for loop that can go across this array and give me an array that contains all the distinct words. Hence, the output should be: [Hey, How's, it, going.....]

I wrote a function to do this, but I am unable to split the string since Unity is giving my code some weird error with string.split:

I had written:

var ff:String [] // Temporary variable. I'm just testing for the first string questans[0,0]
ff=quesans[0,0].Split(" "[0]);

However, it gave me System.String[] as an output... even on iterating through ff.

Can someone please give me a way how I can possibly go across this whole array (I can iterate through it) and get every distinct word without having to manually write a for loop for it?


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The first thing i'm going to tell you is that your variable "questans" is not "quesans". so "ff=quesans...." shouldn't work. Perhaps that is your problem? if not:

This is rather simple, actually. What you had written is, in concept, a working piece of code. Try this:

var ff: String[questans.Length]; //Returned string array
var linenumber = 0; //Current line, 0-index
var spacecount = 0; //Current space in current line, 0-index
foreach (var line in questans)
    foreach (var spaceSplit in line.Split(" "))
        ff[linenumber, spacecount] =  spaceSplit[spacecount];
    spacecount = 0;

In this piece of code, i'm nesting two foreach loops to catch each space within each line and return an array of arrays of lines, split by spaces.

Also, on a side note, when creating an array questans that i suggest you initialize it and assign it all in the same code-line. For array questans i'd do this:

var questans: String[10, 10] = [["Hey How's It Going?",
        "You know me Just chillin'"],
        ["Hello there friend",
        "Well met to you too!"],
        ["I like choclate pudding",
        "Good for you"]];


If you want to get through the entire array without a loop, then i'm at a loss. Sorry but i doubt there is such a method.

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Oh No.. I meant.. I know how to loop through.. thanks for your help! –  gran_profaci Dec 2 '12 at 7:44

Use Distinct method for your array collection, as shown here.
Distinct value 1
Distinct value 2

This will help you and you do not need any sticky loops.

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+1 cool trick :-) –  Kay Dec 2 '12 at 11:59
But I need the words in the string. This'll just give me the distinct string tuples right? –  gran_profaci Dec 2 '12 at 18:57

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