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I am using for bootstrap's modal

A very nice utility, but unfortunately "Select All" does not work for IE7/8/9, either from menu or ctrl+a keypress sequence.

Why? And how can I enable it? Or is it worth the trouble?

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This addition to the bootstrap modal solves the problem. Don't know why, but going to go forward with this revision: github.com/jschr/bootstrap-modal –  koolunix Dec 2 '12 at 21:17

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This has to do with how the Modal plugin enforces focus on the modal element. You can disable the focus lock with the following snippet.


$('body').on('shown', '.modal', function () {

Note: You can attach the listener to something other than the <body> element, especially if you don't need this behavior for all modals.

I've at least confirmed that running this will re-enable Ctrl + a in the older IE's.

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