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I am using Sinatra and in erb, every time I had to generate a link, I have to hardcode it like this:

<li><a href=<%="/admin/users?page=#{i}"%>><%=i%></a></li>

Is there an easier, more "scalable" way to get the string "/admin/users?page=" and do this?

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Look at this and make a helper.

# Assuming you're building a modular sinatra app but its not required.
require 'sinatra/base'

module Sinatra
  module UserLinkHelper
    def user_url(id)
      url("/admin/users?page=" + id.to_s)

  helpers UserLinkHelper

# Assuming you're using haml in your view, once again not required
%a{:href => user_url(i)}

I didn't test this but this should encompass the idea you're looking for.

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