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I am using the built in NumberPicker to have the user choose a number. Then the user will hit the "OK" button to confirm and the resulting action will open up another activity. I want the number that the user chooses to be passed through to the other activity when the user hits the "OK" button. I have done buttons that result in opening up a new activity and I know that the NumberPicker has a getValue() and you can pass stuff through with putExtra(), but I am not sure how to combine those with the onClick method. How do I go about doing this?

public class Source1 extends Activity implements View.OnClickListener {

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
...(NumberPicker code)

public void onClick(View v) {
    int x = ((NumberPicker) v).getValue();
    Intent intent = new Intent(this, Destination.class);
    intent.putExtra("VarName", x);

This is the xml for my button:

    android:text="@string/Ok" />

That was my attempt. Is this right/what needs to change? Do I even need the onClick in the button code since I am using the onClick method in the class?

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Change your code as to get selected value from NumberPicker on Button click:

public void onClick(View v) {

    NumberPicker numPicker = (NumberPicker)findViewById(;
    int x = numPicker.getValue();
    Intent intent = new Intent(this, Destination.class);
    intent.putExtra("VarName", x);
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Good catch (upvote). – Sam Dec 2 '12 at 6:15
@imran khan Ok, so I made the changes including the removing the onClick from the xml (leaving just the onClick method in the class). In the Destination class I did the declaration of Intent intent = getIntent(); and int intValue = intent.getIntExtra("VarName", ???); My question is what do I put where the question marks are? The compiler does not like just "getExtra" it wants me to add "getBundleExtra", "getStringExtra", etc. But how can I choose a value when it will constantly be dependent upon the user from the previous activity? – lord_sneed Dec 2 '12 at 6:34
@lord_sneed : put any default integer value as second param in intent.getIntExtra("VarName", ANY_DEFAULT_INTEGER_VALUE); – ρяσѕρєя K Dec 2 '12 at 6:37
@imran khan Oh ok. Thank you. – lord_sneed Dec 2 '12 at 6:39

Is this right/what needs to change?

The best way to test whether its right is: try to read VarName in Destination. But see imran khan's answer.

Do I even the onClick in the button code since I am using the onClick method in the class?

No, you should choose one or the other. Either use:

  1. onClick="methodName" in the XML, with public void methodName(View v) {} in Source1

  2. implement OnClickListener and use numberPicker.setOnClickListener(this);.

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