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We are developing ERP with combination of Grails 2.1.x + ExtJS-4.1.x .We are using ExtJS MVC + ExtJS data package. In this situation we need to use event queue to avoiding concurrency problem for event handler/listener. I would like use event queue request delay to ignore dump responses like RichFaces 4.x as following:

<a4j:queue requestDelay="500" ignoreDupResponses="true"/>

How do could i use RichFaces event queue like features in ExtJS-4.1.x


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It all depends on what is your choice of comunication between Ext and your backend, if you're planing to use Ext.Direct you can batch the request in almost the same way by using Ext.direct.RemotingProvider.enableBuffer with a value of 500 and you'll get "almost" the same result as with: <a4j:queue requestDelay="500"/> but for ignoring duplicate requests you have to implement your own queue or, better yet, override Ext.direct.RemotingProvider or, if you really want to control everything, you can implement your own provider and, that way, you will have a very fine grained control of requests and responses, check the docs for RemotingProvider

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