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Any variable that I declare in my zshrc is available in the shell as an environment variable. I don't want this to happen.

I tried putting the variables in a function and setting them as local, but then the function is available outside of the zshrc.

How can I make it so what happens in my zshrc stays in my zshrc?

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They are available, but they are not exported so scripts launching from command-line don’t get these variables. If your .zshrc looks like

function zshrc()
    local VAR=1
    # Do stuff

and you then never want to launch zshrc function again you can just do

unfunction zshrc


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If you're using a recent version of zsh you can use an anonymous function:

function () {
  local xyz=abc
  # whatever

The function will be automatically executed and then thrown away, it exists only for scoping purposes.

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