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I have an ASP.NET 4.5 application running at the root level of my localhost in IIS 7.5, within which, I have a route defined as archives:


I'm trying to add a WordPress blog at archives/blog but can't figure out how to do so. So the URL for the blog should be as follows:


I tried placing an empty directory within the web application that runs at root level called archives, but as soon as I do that, I get an HTTP 403 error regarding directory browsing due to a conflict with the route.

Any idea how I can override the empty directory with the route? Or any other ways I can make the blog to work at the directory level where I want it to?

I've read about RouteExistingFiles property, but also hear that once it is set to true, I will also have to define routes for all my static content (CSS, JavaScripts, Images etc).


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