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I know how to use a module to create a block and I know how to create a custom form using form api.

now, i want to add this custom form inside the block I create.

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Use the following code (hook_block_view):

 function yourmodule_block_view($delta='') {
     $block = array();
     switch($delta) {
        case 'block_name':
          $block['subject'] = t("Block Title"); 
          $block['content'] = drupal_get_form('your_form_id');
     return $block;

Hope this helps... Muhammad.

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When you create a webform while adding components see the form settings in the upper right:

  1. Click on form settings
  2. Go to advance settings in bottom and click
  3. You find it available as a box checkbox enable that

If enabled this webform will be available as a block.

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