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Just a general question about cublas. For a single thread, if there is not memory transfer from GPU to CPU (e.g. cublasGetVector), will the cublas kernel functions (eg cublasDgemm) automatically be synchronized with the host?


Furthermore, what about between two adjacent kernel calls?


and, what about a synchronized transfer that does not involve the global memory used in the previous kernel?

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No, the CUBLAS API is, with the exception of a few Level 1 routines which return a scalar value, asynchronous.

Level 3 routines like cublasDgemm don't block the host, you need to call a blocking API routine like a synchronous memory transfer or an explicit host-GPU synchronisation call to ensure that the CUBLAS call has completed.

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Thanks! Now what about between two kernels, and what about a synchronous memory transfer does not involve the global memory used in the previous kernel? (the above post updated as well). –  Hailiang Zhang Dec 2 '12 at 19:48
Kernels are always launched asynchronously and synchronous memory transfers are (except in one case) always synchronous. So you dgemm calls won't block and your memory transfers will block. –  talonmies Dec 3 '12 at 7:09

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