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I have a list of users that in the end of each line in the table I added two links("href"): one for "update" user and secend for "delete" user. So for enable that I added a call to javascript function that capture the ID of user and insert it to some form that I created before (form with only one "hidden" field), and then the function activated submit() operation to the server part (asp.net code).

I checked and the submit() operation works ok(checked with respons.write()...)

But I know how to recognize a submit form button inside IsPost by ask what the value of the submit button (for example: if(Request.Form["ExpertButton"]== "delete"){..some code here....})

But when I activate submit() with javascript, how could I recognize post? I tryed with the value of the hiiden field but it's not capture this and it skiped of the if statement....

the list of users code:

foreach(var row in db.Query(displayExperts,nameOfExpert))
                    <td class="dispExpertActScreen">@row.ExpertID</td>
                    <td class="dispExpertActScreen">@row.name</td>
                    <td class="dispExpertActScreen">@row.password</td>
                    <td class="dispExpertActScreen">@row.allowBonds</td>
                    <td class="dispExpertActScreen">@row.allowStocks</td>
                    <td class="dispExpertActScreen">@row.allowExchangeTraded</td>
                    <td class="dispExpertActScreen">@row.allowMutualFund</td>
                     <td class="dispExpertActScreen"><a href="#" onclick="expertToDelete('@row.ExpertID') ;return false;" style="color: #b04e4e">update</a></td>
                    <td class="dispExpertActScreen"><a href="#" onclick="expertToDelete('@row.ExpertID') ;return false;" style="color: #b04e4e">delete</a></td>

the form code:

<form method="post" name="deleteExpert" style="font-size: medium; margin-top: 10%" dir="rtl">
    <input type="hidden" name="expertID" id="expertID" value="">

the javascript code:


    function expertToDelete(expertID) {

        document.getElementById('expertID').value = expertID;
        document.getElementById('deleteExpert').submit ();


the asp.net code:

    var db = Database.Open("MyProjectSite");
    var display="no";
    var displayExperts="";
    var nameOfExpert="";
    var category="";
        if(Request.Form["ExpertButton"]== "search")// this is by button!!!
             some code.....


        if(Request.Form["ExpertButton"] != "")// this need to be by javascript submit() method !!! here I need to recognize it.
           var id=Request.Form["expertID"];
           var deleteQuery="DELETE FROM InvestmanExperts WHERE ExpertID=@0";


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Why not puting another hidden input value :

<input type="hidden" name="txtJavascriptMode" id="txtJavascriptMode" value="">

then in your javascript code :

    function expertToDelete(expertID) {

        document.getElementById('expertID').value = expertID;
        document.getElementById('txtJavascriptMode').value = 'true';
        document.getElementById('deleteExpert').submit ();

and in your serverside you can checkout

if(Request["txtJavascriptMode"] == "true")
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hay thanks.. but there is strange problem. if I add before the if(Request["txtJavascriptMode"] == "true") response.write("-----"+Request["txtJavascriptMode"]); it's working if I delete this sentence it's not working.... why? –  ofirhgy Dec 2 '12 at 10:56

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