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What’s “@Override” there for in java?

Since Java 1.5 this annotation was incorporated to the language to be used on methods that overwrite a superclass methods.

Now, what changes in a method that uses this annotation to one that doesn't use it? Is this just convention?

Assuming, obviously, that both be methods that overwrite a method from its superclass...

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@Override creates a compile-time check that a method is being overridden. This is very useful to make sure you do not have a silly signature issue when trying to override

It not only makes the compiler check but also documents the developer's intention.

if you override a method but don't use it anywhere from the type itself, someone coming to the code later may know the purpose. The annotation explains its purpose.

A good IDE will helpfully flag any method that overrides a method without @Override, so the combination of the two will help ensure that you're doing what you're trying to.

it also improves readability

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