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I am trying to extract data from a website using Perl. Below is the description of the site:

  • site displays data dependent on a date
  • a calendar is displayed that is used to change the date
  • upon clicking the dates in the calendar, it calls a javascript function that passes in the date and refreshes the part of the page that displays the data

My question is, how do I execute that JS function so that I could loop through the dates that I need data from?

Thanks in Advance

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It's much easy make same HTTP request from your script and get all data you need directly.

You can record all HTTP requests/responses of your browser by using HTTP Fox extension (for Firefox).

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Thanks for your help. I downloaded HTTPFox and knew the exact request the site made. I imitated this request using LWP and it works perfectly. Thanks again! –  Andrei dela Cruz Dec 3 '12 at 5:30


There is a CPAN module:

JavaScript - Perl extension for executing embedded JavaScript

But I've not already tested them.

Original post:

Take a look at smjs it's Spidermonkey's JS shell.

You could pass javascript by:

open my $jsout,"echo '$javascript' | smjs |" or die;
print <$jsout>;


But be care! This take security consideration away!

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