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I am trying to implement chat module in my app. I have referred Simple Sample code of QuickBlox API.

But when I try to register user from my app I got below error of linker.

my Code : -

// Create QuickBlox User entity
 QBUUser *user = [QBUUser user];
 user.password = _textPassword.text;
 user.login = [DicResponse valueForKey:@"User name"];

 // create User
 [QBUsers signUp:user delegate:self];

In my app I am already using ASIHTTP library. If I comment this line [QBUsers signUp:user delegate:self]; then it compiles successfully.

How to solve this conflicts ?

duplicate symbol _isDismissing in:

duplicate symbol _NetworkRequestErrorDomain in:

duplicate symbol _RedirectionLimit in:

ld: 3 duplicate symbols for architecture i386
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You have to use latest QuickBlox iOS SDK version 1.4 or just download from QuickBlox iOS SDK GitHub page

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