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I want to intall xdebug on my wamp server.for find current xdebug for my i wamp have gone in this website.


On this site i have pasted my source code of phpinfo and when i submit it will produce the folowing message.

The compiler (MS VC6) that this PHP was build with, is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a version that was built with MS VC9.

so whats the issue here? xdebug will not work on my wamp?

I would appreciate any type of help.

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I think all are on the holiday.. :) –  Manish Patel Dec 2 '12 at 11:43

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You have to match the "build" of PHP extensions to the "build" of PHP...

You are using an older PHP version that was compiled with VC6 (Visual C++ edition from 1998). Probably PHP 5.2.

PHP 5.3 and up are now built exclusively with VC9 (VS.NET 2008).

And XDebug is now only provided as a VC9 build.

You need to update to a newer WAMP version that has at least PHP 5.3 - xampp - Wamp-Developer Pro - UniformServer - WampServer

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Trying to work out how to update WAMP. Doesn't look easy. –  Dean_Wilson Aug 8 '13 at 2:18

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