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I read somewhere that this is possible after enabling the developer switch but cannot find how to access it. A thread here explains something about the javascript plugin containing the ssh tool but missing the local version discussion. So how can I have local fs, local Vim and ssh client in Chromebook? With SSH client, I also. want the key authentication aka ssh-agent.

How can I get this kind of Chromebook less resilient for developing without internet? Development requires local tools such as Vim, local FS and SSH-Client with SSH-Agent.

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You need to have the developer switch ON. The switch is virtualized above October/November 2012 Samsung models at least. Instructions here.

Instructions to get Bash, Vim, Ssh-agent etc tools after having the Developer switch ON

You need to open the Crosh and then type-and-press-enter like "shell ENTER" or see also "help ENTER". So this way get a full-blown bash with ssh-agent and Vim:


crosh> shell

chrosos@localhost / $ echo $SHELL


chrosos@localhost / $ vim

Perhaps related

  1. Some discussion about getting Chromebook in use https://plus.google.com/109993695638569781190/posts/BHo38NLkMz4

  2. the Secure Shell app has some problems with certain Chromebooks such as Samsung October 2012, hanging up to NaCL

  3. Programming on samsung chromebook

P.s. And if you want to switch to your favorite keyboard layout such as Dvorak, you can find it in chrome://settings/languages.

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