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today I've started using Form Wizard in django 1.4. The functionality seems to be nice, but according to the documentation, one need to pass the form_list (and condition_dict, when necessary) to the as_view method (which means urls.py) instead of providing it in the subclass of WizardView

This means writing some logics within urls.py and not views.py which I believe is against django pattern, as the views module is supposed to be responsible for views logics.

I've ended up with following:

# views.py
class MyWizard(SessionWizardView):
    _form_list = (
        ('init', forms.MyWizardFormInit), 
        ('newuser', forms.MyWizardFormNewUser),
    _condition_dict = {
        'newuser': lambda wizard: (wizard.get_cleaned_data_for_step('init') or {}).get('existing_user') == 'False'

and the urls.py:

url(.., MyWizard.as_view(MyWizard._form_list, condition_dict = MyWizard._condition_dict)),

which really looks silly and ridiculous. Is there any correct way to prevent declaring logics in urls.py while keeping DRY ?

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A slightly cleaner version might look like this:


my_wizard_view = MyWizard.as_view(MyWizard._form_list, condition_dict=MyWizard._condition_dict))


url(r'^my_wizard/$', my_wizard_view, name='my_wizard')
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it still doesn't look as good as "normal" CBVs but is a bit better ;) Thanks! –  migajek Dec 2 '12 at 19:56

I haven't used WizardWiev yet, but have you tried setting those attributes on the WizardView subclass itself instead of passing them through the url definition? Or, filing that, have you tried overloading the WizardView.get_form method?

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these are View attrributes, not form attributes (BTW, for form attributes there's get_form_kwargs). The problem is that one can't set that on subclass of WizardView as it causes lots of strange errors, and - according to django docs - the proper way is to pass it through url config. Again, it applies ONLY to the WizardView, and breaks the "standard" behavior of CBVs. That is why I asked that question ;) –  migajek Dec 3 '12 at 20:48

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