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I have found a class of Label which adds the functionality of dragging and resizing the Label to it. And I don't know how I can dynamically (like by pressing a button which says "create a label") create an object of that class and add it to the Canvas of my WPF application.

I also want to specify some of it's properties like width, height, name, content etc. before/after adding it to the Canvas.

How is it done the proper way ?

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   //adding new MyLabel(class of Label)
   MyLabel lbl = new MyLabel();
   lbl.Text = "test text";
   lbl.Height = 27;

About getting element by name after creating you can read here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.frameworkelement.findname.aspx

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Create a new Label instance, set some of its properties, set its position on the Canvas and add it to the Canvas' Children collection:

var label = new Label
    Width = 200,
    Height = 50,
    Content = "A Label"

Canvas.SetLeft(label, 100);
Canvas.SetTop(label, 100);

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