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I am a beginner in Qt...

In my program i have a Qwebview which i try to access some site.

how can i analyze the request the user giving to the server? for example: user submitting a form..

and how can i analyze the reply coming from server...? for example: server replies by streaming a audio file to the browser when the user submit a form..and i want to capture those audio streams for analyzing it.

Any help? Thank u..

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Create a custom network access manager and set it for your web page (see QWebPage::setNetworkAccessManager). In this special implementation, create a custom network reply which proxies the data, see this mirror tool for an example implementation.

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Make use of the class QWebInspector

If you have already developed front-end, probably it looks familiar with the "Chrome Developer Tools" or "Safari Web Inspector", in fact, both browsers are powered by WebKit, and this tool is the WebInspector (http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebInspector)

Have a nice debugging

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