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I have a video encoded in .3gp h.264 and I am looking to get its framerate and duration in C. Here is the code I use after opening the file and finding the appropriate codecs:

AVRational rational = gVideoCodecCtx->time_base;

LOGI(10, "numerator is %i", rational.num);
LOGI(10, "denominator is %i", rational.den);
LOGI(10, "duration is %d", gFormatCtx->duration);
LOGI(10, "fps is %d", (double)av_q2d(rational));

And here is the output:

12-02 12:30:19.819: I/FFmpegTest(23903): numerator is 1
12-02 12:30:19.819: I/FFmpegTest(23903): denominator is 180000
12-02 12:30:19.819: I/FFmpegTest(23903): duration is 6594490
12-02 12:30:19.819: I/FFmpegTest(23903): fps is 1692926992

From the documentation I understand that the duration is meant to be "duration/time_base" which gives me 6594490 / 180000 = 36.6. The duration of my video file is 6 seconds and I do not know where this factor of 6 would come from.

Also the framerate seems to be completely off.

It is currenlty hard to find help as a lot of tutorials use deprecated methods and the documentation does not give examples.

Any help would be appreciated.


Edit: Thanks to the comment below I managed to print the following

12-02 18:59:36.279: I/FFmpegTest(435): numerator is 1
12-02 18:59:36.279: I/FFmpegTest(435): denominator is 180000
12-02 18:59:36.279: I/FFmpegTest(435): duration is 6594490
12-02 18:59:36.279: I/FFmpegTest(435): fps is 0.000006

I also managed to find out a frame's timestamp in msec with this:

int msec = 1000*(packet.pts * timeBase * gVideoCodecCtx->ticks_per_frame);

This returns me something that's roughly 33fps (I expect 30). But I can't figure out how to retrieve the duration. The documentation says "duration of the stream, in AV_TIME_BASE fractional seconds" but 6594490 * 0.000006 = 39.5 - the correct duration is 6.3 seconds). Also the exact fps is 30 but nor sure how to get from 0.000006 to 30 with the above figures)


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Your fps print is garbage because it is supposed to be %lf not %d. Why don't you check the other parameters types also once.

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Thanks I have corrected that and edited the post above – Tishu Dec 2 '12 at 20:34
@Tishu, what do you get if you either do a ffprobe on the file or ffmpeg -i file without anything else. On console you will get what ffmpeg thinks is the framerate duration etc. – av501 Dec 2 '12 at 22:22

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