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In the Sencha SDK 3.0, sencha create is not a correct command! When I enter

sencha create jsb -a ./app.html -p ./app.jsb3

I get info of "No such property : 'create'".

How can I create usb file in new Sencha SDK 3.0? Thank you for your help!

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Type sencha without any parameters, let us know exactly what version info is displayed. – OhmzTech Dec 7 '12 at 1:16
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sencha create jsb 

is a unique command and is ommitted from the Sencha Cmd v3.0 - why - who knows!?

you still need to use the SDK Tools v2.0, and this command (becausesencha for v3.0 is in your path):

d:\_dev\ExtPackageTest>"C:\Program Files (x86)\SenchaSDKTools-2.0.0-beta3\sencha
" create jsb -a http://localhost:60139/index.html -p app.jsb3

Where ExtPackageTest is the root of your web app code

I think the best if you can move to Ext 4.1.3+ is to go straight to the new Sencha Cmd v3.0 for Ext Js follow this guide.

It's very sensitive and I'd recommend you create a new app with it and copy your app code into the template it generates. I found my code behaved differently after packaging into release mode and was told by support I'd "just got lucky" that this hadn't happened with the debug set up ^^.!/guide/command

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I also got this error ([ERR] No such property : 'generate'), but in other case - while trying to create my first app. Instead of: sencha app create MyApp ../MyApp I write: sencha generate app MyApp ../MyApp

Hope that's help

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