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I'm using ebean, it's very easy to use but I don't know create my custom index.

public class User {
    public String name;

    // how to create index for this column?
    public long displayOrder;

I tried to create index for the column displayOrder, but how to do it?

There is no annotation for this, and the generated ddl file will be recreated each time, so I can't add my own ddl statements there. And it's not convenient to add index in database directly.

Is there any simple solution to do it?

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There is no direct answer, but I think, that you should concern on it for a while.

AFAIK there's no way to declare 'KEY' index via annotations, you can only add @Column(unique=true) to it (if you need an unique field).

Of course for primary key you just need to use @Id annotation.

On the other hand I do not recommend using automatic DDL creation every time - remember, that will destroy all your DB structure and data after next evolution applying!!! Instead go with this way:

  • prepare as much models as possible in the first step, and use automatic DDL to apply it to the DB
  • Disable Ebean's auto generation
  • Start using own evolutions (2.sql, 3.sql etc) for adding missing elements - like for an example missing indexes.
  • Never turn back :) From now you need to ALTER an existing tables instead CREATE them every time from the scratch.
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I still hope there will be an Index annotation to make things easier. Thanks for your suggestions. –  Freewind Dec 4 '12 at 1:49

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