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i have js code which stacks div's that are represanting days in month in a larger div that is actually a calendar. user can freely select month and year and i need to build calendar for that month.

for example: if this month is starting with saturday i need to first build 5 empty blocks and then start filling calendar with blocks that have number of day inside them. how can i calculate this number for given input of month and year?

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You can get the day of the week by using the getDay function of the Date object.

To get the first of the month create a new Date object:

var year = "2012";
var month = "12";
var day = new Date(year + "-" + month + "-01").getDay()
// 6 - Saturday

Since you count from 1 and Monday is the first day of the week you'll also have to do this:

day = (day===0) ? 7 : day
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