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I have a method that I've started to use in multiple models for Webscrapping, where is the best place to keep it? Should I put it in the application_controller, application _helper? I'm not sure where a good place is to put it for multiple models to use it?

  def self.retryable(options = {}, &block)
    opts = { :tries => 1, :on => Exception }.merge(options)

    retry_exception, retries = opts[:on], opts[:tries]

      return yield
    rescue retry_exception
      retry if (retries -= 1) > 0

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Put retryable.rb in lib/

module Retryable
  extend self

  def retryable(options = {}, &block) # no self required

Use it:

Retryable.retryable { ... }

or including namespace:

include Retryable
retryable { ... }
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You could create a module. An example from the Altered Beast project: (I often look in other projects how they solve specific problems)

# app/models/user/editable.rb
module User::Editable
  def editable_by?(user, is_moderator = nil)
    is_moderator = user.moderator_of?(forum) if is_moderator.nil?
    user && ( == user_id || is_moderator)

And in the models:

# app/models/post.rb
class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
  include User::Editable
  # ...

# app/models/topic.rb
class Topic < ActiveRecord::Base
  include User::Editable
  # ...
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Any particular reason you put it in models/user rather than lib? – Mike Woodhouse Sep 2 '09 at 12:23
i'm not sure how that works... they're not referencing editable_by? in the other models themselves. I tried placing mine in a similar folder #app/models/scrapers/retryable.rb, module Scrapers::Retryable and then referencing it as "include Scrapers::Retryable" but it gives me "undefined method `retryable' for Get_Data:Class" – holden Sep 2 '09 at 13:01

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