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I usually click with the mouse on the "Keep open" icon.
Is there a way to do it with the keyboard?

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Press Ctrl+Q, and type "keyboard" and press Enter to open the "Options->Environment->Keyboard" window.

In "Show commands containing" type "Window.KeepTabOpen", then in the "Press shortcut keys" type your keyboard shortcut and press the "Assign" .

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Exactly :-) Thanks. –  rails Dec 2 '12 at 14:46

Default Visual Studio 2012 keyboard shortcut for when your cursor is in the preview window:


It can definitely be modified as JMik describes but that will get someone going quickly. As well, you can also kill the preview system entirely so that all windows open indefinitely and this shortcut becomes unneeded.

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Thank you. I couldn't find it in the German translation by its name but only by its current shortcut. –  LonelyPixel Feb 20 at 15:52

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