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When I created an index with the following class

public class TokenIndex : AbstractIndexCreationTask<Token> {
    public TokenIndex() {
        Map = tokens => from token in tokens
                        select new { token.Guid };
        Index(x => x.Guid, FieldIndexing.Analyzed);

it produced the following index

docs.Tokens.Select(token => new {
    Guid = token.Guid

But when I let Raven create an tmpindex it looked like this

from doc in docs.Tokens
select new { Guid = doc.Guid }

Are there any performance differences between thies two in the longrun? Or is it only 2 ways to write the same thing?

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Is there anything unanswered? Did you see my answer? –  usr Dec 2 '12 at 21:53

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The C# compiler turns the latter into the former. There is no way for RavenDB to even differentiate between the two. So there cannot be a performance difference.

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