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I am calling a chain of Perl scripts and I want all stdout/stderr to arrive at the command line. I have two scripts:


print "Hello from A\n";
`perl B.pl`;
print "Back to A\n";


print "Hello from B\n";

When I call perl A.pl, I get:

Hello from A
Back to A

but what I would like to see is

Hello from A
Hello from B
Back to A

Of course I can change A and explicitly print the output from B, like so:

my $output = `perl B.pl`;
print $output;

but since my scripts are quite complicated I would like to avoid it. Is there a general way of stating that everything shoudl print out to the same terminal?

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If you use system instead of the backticks the output will go to the terminal. Backticks are specifically for capturing the output of the other process:

print "Hello from A\n";
system('perl B.pl');
print "Back to A\n";
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Simple and straight foward, I knew I was missing something basic! Thanks –  anonymous1fsdfds Dec 2 '12 at 14:18

Yes, stop using backticks if you don't want to capture output!

What's wrong with simply doing system $^X, "B.pl";?

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