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I'm been googling around, but I don't quite understand how ajax works. Could please somebody explain how this works?

        url: "{{ url_for( 'app.slideshow.<tag>' ) }}",
        type: "",
        data: {'param':},
        dataType: "",
        success : function(response)

What I'm trying to do is see if document.getElementsByClassName(current) has changed. If it has, it will ask for comments and tags on current, and update the page without refreshing. I have no idea what to write to receive this on the either.

I'll include my, but it is not good.

from flask import Flask,session,url_for,request,redirect,render_template
import api,db   
app = Flask(__name__)
#app.secret_key = "secret"

@app.route('/slideshow/<tag>', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def slide():
if request.method=="GET":
    pic = request.get('current').href
    taglist = db.getTaglist()
    tags = db.getTags(pic)
    piclist = db.getPics(<tag>)
    commentlist = db.getComments(pic)
    return render_template("slide.html", taglist = taglist, tags =tags, piclist =piclist, commentlist = commentlist, url = url)
    button = request.form['button']
    pic = request.get('current').href

    if button=="submit":
        aComment = request.form['comment']
    elif button == "submitnewtag":
        if request.form['Addnewtag']
            aTag = request.form['Addnewtag']
            aTag =  request.form['select1']

if __name__=="__main__":
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This doesn't appear to be a question. What exactly are you asking, and what does it have to do with Python? – Daniel Roseman Dec 2 '12 at 15:04
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Usually, ajax handler on your server should return XML or JSON (I think JSON is better) with the data it needs.

So, after getting info in hanler, dum it to JSON and return to client.

On client, Javascript receives this JSON, and after that should dynamically create html elements and insert them in your page body.

Start by exploring this simple tutorial by Flask's creator.

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