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I have yet another question in R and I do not know what I am doing wrong. In this thread I have asked how to read the directed graph which worked well with the answer of user1317221_G.

Now I've deleted the edge 6->7 from the directed graph and read it that way:

graph2 <- read.table("Graph_2.txt")
graph2 <-

That's how Graph_2.txt looks like:

1 2 
1 3 
2 5 
3 4 
3 5 
4 5 
5 6 
5 10 
7 8 
7 9 
7 12 
8 9 
9 10 
9 11 
9 12
10 7 
10 11
11 7
11 12

But the plot shows (again, like in the other thread) a different directed graph:

As you can see in the file, there is no edge between 5->9 or from 10->12 as an example. So my question, again, is, how can I read the directed graph correctly? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you!

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You can set the vertices labels as you create the graph using, via its vertices option:

graph2 <-, vertices = data.frame(symbols = 1:12,
                                                         label   = 1:12))

plot(graph2, layout = layout.fruchterman.reingold)

directed graph with proper labels

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