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Am sorry for this beginner question, but i was asking about non-blocking application and hosting this application on my servers and not from a specialised service:

  • If this is a non-blocking application, does this make sense to use ADSL instead of SDSL for my beginnings, since the application has 'small footprint'?
  • How many concurrent connexion (approximation) can a 2Mb SDSL or ADSL reach to have a Denial Of Service if i host it on a PC machine and not in Server (for a startup using NoSql and Tornado/Nginx), because found this:

Websites may also have bandwidth usage caps, with the host providing the website's owner with a set amount of bandwidth per month. If traffic to and from the website exceeds this limit, the site may be shut down, or the user may be presented with a bill for the overage. A spike in bandwidth usage can also overload the servers for a website, causing it to go down, as commonly happens when small websites are linked to by large ones.

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