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I have a quite tricky task, but newbie in NodeJS.

So I need loop over array of URLs, fetch each page from array, pass it thru jsdom+jquery and add new finded URL in the end of array.

On first look task quite simple, but because of Async of NodeJS it's comes to nightmare.

Now I have code like (it's simplified for better understanding)

var jsdom = require("jsdom");
var fs = require("fs");
var jquery = fs.readFileSync("./jquery.js").toString();

var fields = ['http://some.url/page.html']

for(var b=0, len = fields.length;b<len;b++){

      html: fields[b],
      src: [jquery],
      done: function (errors, window) {
            var $ = window.$;
            $("div.pager a").each(function() {
                //Push new finded hyperlinks in array

    //recalculate actual length of array to make more loop

and for sure it's construction is not work because of NodeJS concept. Could someone advice how to come it into real live ?

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I would clearly suggest you to spent some time and lern asynchronous behavour, it's a power withou it node.js has no sense. The code you pasted is wrong for several reasons.

Plz, take a look of my implementation of links crawler, for pet project I do. Hoe it helps.

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You should use async.eachSeries() for this. When you have async code that you need to run in a loop, you should always be using the async library.

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