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I am trying to read a properties file from WEB-INF using Java-based Configuration of my Spring MVC app. I can make this work when I put the properties directory in the src directory and use class: (ClassPathResource).

I want to use @ImportResource with file: (FileSystemResource) that will read from properties/ or resources/properties/ or /properties/ or /resources/properties/ when this is located in WebContent or WEB-INF

When I use file: I get a FileNotFoundException.

I have tried moving the properties directory around and used @ImportResource with "file:/properties/properties-config.xml", "file:/WebContent/properties/properties-config.xml", and /WEB-INF/properties/properties-config.xml".

I mapped in my app-servlet.xml and tried "file:/resources/properties/properties-config.xml"

This should be straightforward and not uncommon. But I can't find an example of getting properties files this way.

public class AppConfig {

protected final Log logger = LogFactory.getLog(getClass());

private @Value("#{v1Properties['v1.dataUrl']}") String dataUrl;
private @Value("#{v1Properties['v1.metaUrl']}") String metaUrl;
private @Value("#{v1Properties['v1.user']}") String v1User;
private @Value("#{v1Properties['v1.password']}") String v1Password;

V1Config v1Config() {
    V1Config v1Config = new V1Config();
    return v1Config;

ViewResolver viewResolver() {
    InternalResourceViewResolver resolver = new InternalResourceViewResolver();
    return resolver;

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Try this out,

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