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I developed a simple application in Visual Studio 2008 and Entity 3.5. In my database I have a master table and a details table.

In entity 4 or higher we can access master key in details table like this:


But in entity 3.5 this not available. How can I insert row in details table?

Table2  t2 = new Table2();
T2.TableId1 // this property is unavailable 

this syntax works in entity 4 or higher but not in entity 3.5.

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What about

Table1 t1 = new Table1();
Table2 t2 = new Table2();

Talking about T2.TableId1, I think you must know the relation name or the fieldname that make the reference.. check the attributes of t2, and I think, you will found some t1 reference there.

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You probably mean t1.Table2s.Add(t2); – Gert Arnold Dec 2 '12 at 21:55

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