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I use AsynTask for get data from net and show in Textview, this is my code

public class PatientAssistant extends Activity {

    private TextView txtTemp,txtHuminity;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        AppPreferences pref=new AppPreferences(this);

        TextView textCity=(TextView)findViewById(;



        String city=(String) textCity.getText();

        CallWeatherAsync cwa=new CallWeatherAsync(this,txtTemp,txtHuminity);


        Button btnSend=(Button)findViewById(;
        btnSend.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {

            public void onClick(View v) {
                //TODO send report


    private class CallWeatherAsync extends AsyncTask<String, Void, WeatherInfo> {

        private PatientAssistant _activity;
        private TextView txtT,txtH;
        public CallWeatherAsync(PatientAssistant activity,TextView txtTmp,TextView txthum)
        protected WeatherInfo doInBackground(String... params) {

            YahooWeatherUtils yahooWeatherUtils = YahooWeatherUtils.getInstance();

            WeatherInfo weatherInfo = yahooWeatherUtils.queryYahooWeather(_activity.getApplicationContext(), params[0]);
            return weatherInfo;
        protected void onPostExecute(WeatherInfo result) {




but this throws Resources$NotFoundException!!!

12-02 00:39:06.383: E/AndroidRuntime(4035): android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException: String resource ID #0xc
12-02 00:39:06.383: E/AndroidRuntime(4035):     at android.content.res.Resources.getText(
12-02 00:39:06.383: E/AndroidRuntime(4035):     at android.widget.TextView.setText(
12-02 00:39:06.383: E/AndroidRuntime(4035):     at com.assitant.patient.PatientAssistant$CallWeatherAsync.onPostExecute(
12-02 00:39:06.383: E/AndroidRuntime(4035):     at com.assitant.patient.PatientAssistant$CallWeatherAsync.onPostExecute

How I can do this?

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Blind guess is that:


returns int not string. And if it is int then it is considered resource Id. This shall work:

txtT.setText( "" + result.getCurrentTempC());
txtH.setText( "" + result.getAtmosphereHumidity());
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Cheers ! , your problem should be with txthum=txtH; it should be txtH =txthum;

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You do not to set the TextView in the private class. Since you set the 2 TextViews as global variables for the PatientAssistant class you should just use them directly in the private AsyncClass.

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